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New Family Beginnings offers counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in the Twin Cities metro area. Services range from one-on-one sessions to help resolve anxiety or anger issues to sessions where the whole family joins the process to create a calmer, happier, and more cooperative way of living.

What sets me apart from other therapists?

I like results, and I'll bet you do too. I won't be the therapist who sits back and simply nods empathetically as you share your concerns and struggles. We work together - setting goals for the therapy, problem solving, figuring out what's next - it's an active, collaborative process.

I also offer longer session times, an approach that has been shown in research to result in better outcomes. Most of my work with adults, couples, and families is done in 90-minute sessions.

Brief Therapy Approach

I use a brief therapy approach in my work with individuals and families. Work with individuals usually takes place over 3 to 7 sessions. Couple's sessions are usually around 4 to 12 sessions, and family therapy sessions are usually around 4 to 16 sessions, sometimes more depending on the situation.

Practical, Collaborative Approach

My approach is practical and results-oriented. It is also very respectful and collaborative. I primarily use Narrative Therapy when working with individuals, couples, and families. I also will incorporate elements of Internal Family Systems and/or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) when appropriate. I also often utilize hypnosis when working with individuals, so if you are interested in hypnosis, please visit that page in my site! In each session we review the progress that has been made, discuss the next steps, and mutually agree on the direction of therapy. 

Session Length

Typical session length is 90 minutes for teenagers and adults. Note that this is 40 to 45 minutes longer than what is usually offered by therapists. I have found this session length to be very effective in working with people to help them accomplish their goals in therapy.

For children under 10 to 12 years of age, I will often have a first intake session of 90 minutes, and then suggest 60 minute sessions after that.  

Third-Party Reimbursement (Insurance)

New Family Beginnings does not accept third-party reimbursement, so although payment is out-of-pocket, it ensures maximum confidentiality, flexibility in treatment approach, and length of  treatment. Although I don't accept insurance, I am "insurance ready," meaning that I will provide you with the paperwork necessary (e.g., receipts, insurance codes) so that you can seek reimbursement on your own. You may also be able to use dollars from your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if your employer offers this benefit. 

Treatment Areas

Anxiety, anger, depression, couples counseling, divorce counseling, parenting consulting, stress management, panic attacks, OCD, trauma, PTSD, chronic pain, difficulties with sleeping, assertiveness, procrastination, impluse control, sexual abuse, family conflict, adolescent issues, school problems, parenting issues, sexual issues. 

Are you my ideal client?

I work very hard to help my clients overcome the issues they bring, and I expect them to work as hard as I do! If the list below describes you, we'll probably be a good match.

My ideal client:

  • is willing to work collaboratively with me to get the results she/he seeks.
  • understands the value of coming to scheduled sessions and following through with homework if assigned.

My ideal client appreciates:

  • that I offer a brief therapy approach (yet understands that it is still a process of change that happens over time).
  • my unique skills and experience with utilizing the tool of hypnosis.

My ideal client values:

  • direct & honest communication.
  • working toward change.

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