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My favorite issue to help people with using hypnosis is ANXIETY. Why? because people with anxiety tend to respond so favorably to hypnosis! People suffering from anxiety tend to take subtle or minor cues from their environment - suggestions, if you will - and run with them. Minor cues trigger bigger fears, and they’re off to the races. The panic races, that is. 

People who do well with hypnosis tend to take suggestions well, and there’s the connection. The ability to take suggestions makes for a great hypnotic experience and positive outcomes.

Consider something entirely different for your anxiety: consider hypnosis. You may have tried any number of other approaches to reduce your anxiety, but hypnosis is a terrific tool because it gets to the root cause of the anxiety. Assuming there isn’t a health issue or over-indulging in coffee or other stimulants, hypnosis can help reduce the source of the fear. This is far more effective than most other approaches that typically focus on building skills to cope anxiety that has already kicked in. Often, it’s too late at that point for the breaking exercises or distractions to be of any use.

Most clients experience significant relief from their anxiety in 3 to 7 sessions. Hypnosis works very well for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic attacks, specific fears (such as fear of flying or fear of public speaking), and mild obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). For more information on how hypnosis helps anxiety, click here.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for achieving results quickly and effectively. If you have concerns about the use of hypnosis, please refer to the section describing hypnosis. Or, give me a call - I would enjoy an opportunity to share with you my understanding of hypnosis, some of the latest research, and how helpful it has been to my past clients (651-882-6234). 

Learn how hypnosis can be helpful for other issues as well by reading the relevant section below. Note that there are many other issues that can be helped with hypnosis, so if you have questions about a problem that isn't listed below, call my office!

Trauma/PTSD          Depression

Anger                         Procrastination

Weight Loss             Coping with OCD

Test Anxiety            Self-Confidence

Public Speaking      


Has anger gotten out of control in your life? Do you find yourself in a rage from even the slightest of frustrations? Don't just manage the anger! Discover how you can release the anger and experience balance and peace, and develop in yourself an ability to respond to the frustrations of life with a sense of calm and being in control.


Move out of that rut of darkness and depression - experirence what it's like to have greater peace and happiness in your life. Treatment for depression may focus on current aspects of your life experience or events in your past that have contributed to the way you feel today.

Test Anxiety

Nearly 20% of students struggle with severe test anxiety. If this is something you struggle with, yet you have an important exam coming up, get help! I will help you better understand your learning style and work with you to reduce anxiety using calming techniques and visualization.


If you've experienced some type of abuse in your past and feel that it is still holding you back, it's time to break through that barrier and be free! Learn how hypnosis and guided imagery can help you heal your past and create a happier and more successful you in the present.


Are you a procrastinator? Do you ever feel like success is just beyond your reach? Is there something that seems to hold you back from achieving your dreams? Consult with me to discover the source of these barriers and how to move beyond them for better performance and greater success. Note that performance-oriented consulting sessions such as this may be considered a business expense, an excellent investment in your most important asset - you!


If you are feeling that low self-esteem or a lack of confidence is holding you back, I can help you understand the source of this problem and overcome it. I have worked with many people to move beyond this issue, and experience a stronger sense of self and well-being.

I have been trained in hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and by the Banyan Center for Hypnosis Training and Services. I utilize guided imagery, direct suggestion, regression, and ego state therapy. 

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