Co-Parenting Services

Are you and your ex still fighting over the kids even though the relationship  has been over for years? Still struggling with pick-ups and drop-offs? If yes, t’s time to get some help, help that can range from the use of a court-ordered parenting consultant to child inclusive mediation to parent coaching. Each of these are important and helpful processes available to help you and your ex create a more effective co-parenting relationship.


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Which option is right for you?

Parenting Consulting

Parenting consulting is the process to use when the conflict is such that you and your ex need the decision making authority of a neutral, outside third party. The parenting consultant is given authority by the court to make binding decisions within a specified scope. Parenting consulting requires a court appointment, and has a specified contract period, typically two years.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a more informal process than parenting consulting, and can be preferable when the co-parents have the capacity to “hash through” topics without getting completely stuck in the conflict. Parent coaching can also be ordered by a parenting consultant when the parenting consultant has identified a need for one or both parents to get some one-on-one coaching in conflict resolution or communication.

Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy is needed when there is a significant skew toward a “favored" parent and away from the “targeted” parent. This process is a difficult and challenging one, and can really only proceed if there is a court order in place. 

New! As of January 2017 I am offering a support and discussion group for families involved in reunification therapy. Click here for more information.

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