Common questions from clients

Why do I have anxiety?

   "Why do I worry excessively about these things? I know in my head it's not logical… I know there's no reason for panic… It just seems to happen and I hate the feelings of not having control." Anxiety can be caused by a number of things - like too much caffeine or the fact that you have to step in front of 500 people to give the "speech of a lifetime." …

How does hypnosis help anxiety?

     Hypnosis is a great tool for working with anxiety because it gives us a way to easily access the part of you that is causing the anxiety. The "anxious part" sits below consciousness, doing its best to protect you from whatever it thinks might be emotionally or physically painful. 

Will my panic attacks ever go away?

     In most cases, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" Because most panic attacks are a form of anxiety, and because hypnosis can be so helpful with anxiety, hypnosis can also be helpful in reducing or eliminating panic attacks. I have found that panic attacks are usually evidence of the ever more frantic attempts of the "anxious part" (see the previous two posts) to protect the person from some perceived threat (a risk to emotional or physical safety). …

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