How does hypnosis help anxiety?

     Hypnosis is a great tool for working with anxiety because it gives us a way to easily access the part of you that is causing the anxiety. The "anxious part" sits below consciousness, doing its best to protect you from whatever it thinks might be emotionally or physically painful. 

     Traditional talk therapy can be very helpful in providing the sufferer of anxiety with some useful tools for managing anxiety, but usually doesn't get to the root of things - the fundamental reason for the anxiety. A therapist or others in your life may point out all of the rational, logical reasons why you don't need to feel so anxious about a given situation, and you may even agree - but this reasoning is rarely sufficient to bypass the tenacity of the anxious part "inside". 

     Hypnosis, which is simply a state of deep focus and concentration, allows us a way to shift from conscious awareness to our unconscious mind, while still remaining aware and in control. Once in a hypnotic state, we can actually "talk" to the anxious part, and help that part see that it is, in fact, over-reacting to the perceived danger, and no longer needs to create the symptoms of anxiety in an attempt to protect the person. 

     The work with the anxious part during hypnosis is interactive, meaning I will talk back and forth with my client while they are in a hypnotic state. Once the work with the anxious part is done, the work shifts into the client simply listening while I spend several minutes giving him or her "direct suggestions" - hypnotic suggestions for overcoming the anxiety problem and feeling calmer and in control in whatever situation it was that was causing difficulties. The mind accepts these suggestions more readily in a hypnotic state than in a conscious state.

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