Divorce - Counseling for the “uncoupling” process



Weekend & evening hours available

The hard truth is, sometimes marriages don't make it - after 7 years together, after 16, or even decades. Making the decision to leave a marriage can be incredibly difficult, regardless of how long the couple has been together or what kinds of problems they have faced. 

Have you been considering divorce but not sure how to talk about it with your spouse?

Typically, when talk of divorce comes into the picture, one partner has been thinking about it, planning for it, grieving it for some time - and thus, are further along what we call the "divorce readiness scale." Counseling with both partners or the one who is low on the divorce readiness scale can be very helpful in easing this difficult transition.

I have helped many couples make this very difficult transition. My first priority is to establish clarity for the individual who is considering ending the relationship. If this is established, we discuss how to discuss the issue with the spouse. A plan is developed for communication with the spouse, with children (if applicable), the issues of timing, and the use of other resources.

This is a difficult and often painful process - get help facilitating the conversation.

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