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In working with couples, I've often found it fascinating to hear from women how their sexuality plays out in their relationship - or rather, how it often doesn't play out in their relationship. This is a broad generalization, but many women experience a blossoming of their sexuality in their late teens and early 20's, but when they marry or otherwise settle down with a life partner, that exciting period of exploration and self-understanding settles down too - often before a woman has really begun to understand the role of sexuality in her own life, what she really enjoys when it comes to sex, and how to really connect physically with her own body and her own desires.

I do one-on-one counseling with women to help them explore the role of sexuality in their lives, a process that begins with a sexual history intake. Take a read through the form, and see if it doesn't spark some questions for you. Are you able to talk about these things with your partner? Are you satisfied with the sexual relationship you have with your partner? Have you ever thought about what it means to have an understanding of your sexual relationship with yourself? These are the kinds of questions we can address in this form of counseling.

If there has been sexual trauma in your life that has yet to be addressed, this might be just the opportunity to do so. If you're newly divorced and unsure of yourself sexually, again, this might be the perfect time to attend to these concerns. If you don't know how to talk to your partner but want the intimacy you have to be better, we can discuss ways to go about that. 

“Is yours a sex-starved marriage?”

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