Welcome to the BodySound Chair

Seeking more from your practice of mindfulness or meditation?

The BodySound Chair utilizes technology that consists of an amplifier and transducers along with layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields. These work together to produce profound relaxation and stress reduction, and to facilitate personal growth. With repeated practice you can learn what a profoundly relaxed body feels like, making it relatively easy to reproduce this feeling state so that you can remain relaxed more or most of the time.

This technology allows you to connect to the wisdom of the body and learn how to harness your innate ability to create health and wellness. These sessions empower you to manage the stress in your life with greater ease. The key to managing stress is to learn what it feels like to be fully present and peaceful. Just one session induces a relaxed and present state of being that you can easily feel. The more you feel relaxed, the easier it becomes to recreate these feelings.

How do sessions work?

During your sessions, you will typically feel extremely relaxed, and you may enter a deep meditative state. This is a transformative process - over time you will be more present, feel fear-based emotions less often, rely on coping strategies less, be less attached to outcomes and your beliefs, be more accepting, and feel happier. 

Each BodySound Chair session is 60 minutes long. Because repeated use provides the most benefits, package pricing is offered:

Single session  -  $55

Package of 3 sessions  -  $45 each

Package of 6 sessions  -  $35 each

To schedule a session, email New Family Beginnings at kalli@newfamilybeginnings.com or call 651-882-6234.

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