Why do I have anxiety?

   "Why do I worry excessively about these things? I know in my head it's not logical… I know there's no reason for panic… It just seems to happen and I hate the feelings of not having control." Anxiety can be caused by a number of things - like too much caffeine or the fact that you have to step in front of 500 people to give the "speech of a lifetime." But for many people who suffer from anxiety, it's much more than just too much coffee and more common than having to give the big speech. 

     Here's a way of thinking about anxiety that I find very helpful. Imagine for a moment that there's a part of you - the "anxious part" - and this part of you desperately wants to protect you from something. Imagine that this part is so intent on protecting you that it will raise your blood pressure and increase your heart rate, give you sweaty palms, all in an effort to get your attention - to say, "Hey - you're not safe here - something about this situation is dangerous, and it's my job to convince you to get away!" This is often how anxiety functions. It's like an early warning system, raising the alarm bells any time it thinks we might not be safe.

    The problem is, of course, that the anxious part does this too often! It has somehow gotten the idea that it has to step in and "protect" you even in situations where you consciously know you are fine. It's difficult in traditional talk therapy to access the anxious part. Its job is to protect you no matter what, so it seems to just lay low while you're talking about coping mechanisms with your therapist.

     Hypnosis can be very helpful in working with anxiety. It provides a way for us to talk to the anxious part, to understand why it is intent on protecting you. We can help it realize you don't need so much help, that you can be safe in the world without the alarm bells.

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